Core Four Program for Health Professionals


The CORE FOUR Program for Health Professionals

With the CORE FOUR Program, Kelli will come into your practice and educate your patients for you. She has four classes developed based on the most common road blocks people face when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

Why introduce CORE FOUR at your practice?

Many doctors are able to attract new patients but struggle with retaining them. However, through education, they find that patients develop a greater value for and loyalty to their services. But, as a doctor, you do not have time to mentor every patient. By partnering with the CORE FOUR series, your patients will be empowered with the knowledge and support they need to continue their journey!



The CORE FOUR Classes:

Power of Food: A class designed to teach you the power food has in not only nourishing our bodies to work optimally, but also to heal! In this class you will hear a powerful story of how food brought healing to our family, as well as learn what to eat and why! You will also learn foods that really should not be in your diet and how to remove them.

Eating Healthy On a Budget: Is eating healthy just too much work and too expensive? This class is designed to help you create a system in which you will create a menu, be educated on what is truly “healthy” behind the label,the best and most affordable places to shop, gather a wealth of resources, and leave with your own personal plan to eat healthy without breaking the bank!

Super Snacking: When eating healthy, people get stuck on what to eat for snacks or when having a party! You can still be festive and healthy, come learn how!

Empowered Healthy Kids:  From behavior to physical health we will cover it all!  As an elementary school teacher, mom, and health coach we will cover ever part of a healthy child.  Learn practical tools and walk away empowered to create healthy, strong, and capable children!

To invite the CORE FOUR Program to your practice:

To learn more about introducing this program at your practice, please call or email: | (612) 363-3977



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