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Sensory Processing Disorder Disappears!  (Speaking and Teaching)

I went out last week and taught at a MOPS (Mother’s Of Preschoolers) group and recieved the most wonderful gift. As I was setting up a lady came over, I recognized her but couldn’t remember where I had met her. She introduced herself and said she had been in my class at her friends house two years ago. I then remembered her! She said through tear filled eyes that after the class she was so encouraged that she went home and changed the way her family ate. She did not do an elimination diet (gluten free, dairy free, etc…) she just went to a whole foods diets (a diet free from processed foods) and her sons Sensory Processing Disorder went away! It just goes to show that when we give our bodies the food God created for us to eat our body is designed to heal itself! She did not do any “fancy” diet just began to feed her family real living foods and the results are amazing! God is so good. What a way to start the day!

Kids Inspired to Eat Healthy…  (Speaking and Teaching)

Just went to a workshop for the Daniel Plan in Chanhassen and dragged my kids to listen to listen to Kelli’s talk. When it was over, my 8-yr-old daughter asked me: “Mommy, when we get home, is it okay if I throw away all of my candy? Eating healthy sounds like a good idea!” (As if he’s never heard it -ever- in his whole life before!) When his 10-yr-old sister saw what he was doing – she threw away her candy too!!! Thanks Kelli for sharing your life’s journey & insiring 50% of our kids! 😉  (Kristi Roalstad Beil, 3/9/12)

“I just wanted to say how much Kiara and I enjoyed the Kids in the Kitchen class last week @ the co-op.  Kiara was so proud of herself dicing the red peppers.  She has asked to make these classes a regular part of her schedule when they occur.  I’m looking forward to the Mom’s Nutrition Network get- togethers, too.”  (Jackie)

How our book got to Canada….

It really was an absolute miracle.

I had become very concerned about Patricia’s moods over the last little while and had been praying for her and was asking God “What is this”? I was worried that it was the beginning signs of Bi-Polar disorder. I kept asking the Lord to show me what it was. I then `accidently’ came across a video on processed foods and watched it just out of curiosity. It literally threw me to my knees and I frantically cried out to God to help us. I was horrified and I did not know what to do or more importantly how to even begin to change!! It was the very next day that I was randomly scrolling through facebook and stumbled on this link of Patricia Kings. Just wanting to pass time I watched it. Then I saw the intro to your book, and ordered it!

Very excited about our new lives!!

Bless you!
Nicole Dakin (3/12/13)

The Book…

Amazing book, loved it.  I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it,
read it from cover to cover.  How exciting for you.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I really just wanted to share my heart as to how blessed I am by your book!

Just feel this need to share with you (briefly) my story after reading about yours. I had not heard of you or your book. A co-worker handed me your book because she knows we eat gluten free. She said that she just doesn’t have time for it. As I read about your daughter, Hannah, I was actually reading about my own daughter, Cheyann, who is now 20. I was in disbelief and had my daughter read parts as well to say, “this is exactly what I went through with you”. My daughter doesn’t remember any of her tantrums or other behaviors. I think she was blessed with the gift of blocking out the horrible events.

I never knew that what we put into our and our kids bodies had an impact on behavior. It was Cheyann who, after a life time of misery, decided about 2 years ago at the age of 18 to change her diet. Since she went gluten free (at first, grain free but has now added a few gluten free grains) she has been a happier, better adjusted person and I can still see the healing taking place from within. She inspired me to make the same changes and she encouraged me to make the changes for my youngest son who is also on the autism spectrum and has anxiety disorder and most recently, a severe case of life altering OCD. It was so severe that it disrupted every aspect of his life. A year and a half ago we went into crisis mode because he had become virtually non-functional. He is now gluten free and so much better. We have also cut out artificial sweeteners, HFCS, artificial colors, MSG, and we have reduced significantly the amount of GMO’s that we take in. All of this took place before I ever saw your book.

I only wish I had known of other people who were struggling like I was as my daughter was growing up as it would’ve been comforting to have someone else who could understand what I was going through. I dealt with a all of the same criticism and misunderstanding that you did, but am very grateful that Cheyann discovered healing food on her own and I knew of it in a timely manner to help my son.

I am still in disbelief over how similar your daughter is to mine. For so many years I felt so alone in my struggles. I really appreciate having your book dropped in my lap. I am going to read it, then push it back into my co-workers hands as she has 3 young children with behavior and mental health issues who could benefit from a change in diet as well.

Thank you for sharing your story! I know now there must be other young families out there who can learn how to heal their own kids through nutrition and they can benefit from it much earlier on than we did.
Thank you from a fellow Minnesotan!


Hi Kelli,
I have to say that in the months prior to finding and taking your class, I had
been feeling a burden on my heart to learn more about organics, healthy
eating, etc. I had considered reading books, but your class and now these
new opportunities are providing far more practical ways for me to learn more
and live it out. Thank you for the way you are using your gifts to bless
me, and I’m sure the others. You have a real ministry here.  (Brooke)


I really enjoyed your class and have been implementing many of your strategies!  I thought you might like to know what we have done so far:

1 – The whole family is on multi vitamins (including Jack!).  Jack and I are both doing the fish oil too.  I am working on incorporating the fish oil for the kids.

2 – We have developed weekly meals.  We are doing the same seven menus for breakfast and Hailey plans out the weekly breakfast menu (which day for which menu).  She is also learning how to make all of the breakfast items.  I have made six weeks of menus for dinners.  I am already on the second rotation of this.  This really helps with the weekly grocery shopping.

3 – We have incorporated more fruit in our diet.

4 – We are slowly finding substitutes for diary.

5 – I am watching the product labels for high fructose sugar and trying to find substitutes.

6 – I am buying more organic snacks and meat.

We have a long way to go, but I am taking it slow and I am not getting discouraged.  You have been a great inspiration for me.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

All of the information I have learned has made such an impact on our lifestyle.  I am just thrilled that I found you, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Thanks again!!!  (Tracy)

1-1 Consultation

In September, 2013 my 4 year old son, Sammy, was struggling with extreme fatigue (he would need to lay down in the cart after we had walked one isle at Target), extreme weight gain (he had gained an extreme amount of weight in a short period and was 23 pounds over-weight), he was struggling with balance and coordination (he has struggled with low tone, balance issues and both fine and gross motor delays since he was a baby), he was vomiting daily, and had lost pigment all over his body. After going to several doctors, only to be told that the symptoms that our little guy was experiencing were “completely normal”, we were referred to Dr. Rob at Valeo Health and Wellness. Dr. Rob recommended comprehensive metabolic and neurologic care, as well as an anti-inflammatory diet. In October, 2013 we started working with Dr Rob to provide the metabolic and neurologic care and with Kelly Schulte, at Kingdom Kids Nutrition, to implement family health coaching and an anti-inflammatory diet. Immediately, we saw results!

Today, six short months later, Sammy is a completely different kid! His energy is back (several weeks ago we hiked over a mile up and down the river bluffs), he no longer vomits, has no more tummy aches (we never even knew he was having stomach aches, because they were such a normal part of his life that he didn’t even mention them until now), has lost almost 15 pounds, and his balance and motor skills have improved tremendously (he loves to make Legos creations and jump on the trampoline). Recently, he passed his special education screening, which he failed several months ago! To top things off, his countenance is so different that other people are making comments!

The best part is that Sammy has been a role model for healthy living within our family. I was also dealing with extreme fatigue, extreme anxiety and depression, and diabetes. Since October I have my energy back, my anxiety is gone, and I have completely gone off of my diabetic medication. My blood sugars are in line for the first time in years! My oldest, Caleb, has decided that he feels much better when he follows “our” diet. As a result, he has stopped taking his allergy medicine and has been an influence in his class for eating “healthy salads” for lunch. It is amazing what diet and healthy living can do for one’s body. Thank you Dr. Rob and Kelli for your eternal investment into our family!

Sincerely,  Michelle

Radio Interview…


It was so great to meet you yesterday and have you in the studio! You sounded great, and I’m really excited to share the interview with our listeners tomorrow morning 🙂  And, after the girls went to bed last night, I read the whole first half of the book, I couldn’t put it down, it is so good and well written!  Please keep in touch 🙂  Dawn (1/17/12)

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