Hello Mamas!

This section of my blog is just for you!  I will be sharing stories from my life as a mama to encourage you and make you laugh (hopefully:)  I will be sharing “behavior” tips and food ideas that have worked with my kiddos along the way!  Please make sure to comment and add things you have done.  Learning from each other is our best resource!

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Parenting can be messy and fun all at the same time!

My hope is that you will see how God has been a critical partner with me in this journey of raising children.  He is so wise and loves our children even more than we do.  And when we give him permission and agree with him to move in the lives of our children He will!  Guarenteed!  He has done it over and over again.  He creatively speaks to us through dreams, other people, experiences, and our prayers!  He is faithful to answer us as mamas.  (Stories to come…)

Our prayers as mamas hold SOOOOO much power over our children.  It is critical that we submit our children to God and agree for His plans and purposes to be accomplished in their lives.  A Journey with God to bring our kids into their destinies is exciting and filled with joy and peace vs. stress and striving!!


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I so love each and everyone of you and know I am here for you!




Feel free to email me kelli@kingdomkidsnutrition.com at any time!  Next to children, mamas are my favorite.  No other human begins have more love & passion then the mamas!

Here is the first post in this new area of my blog!  Let me know what you think!  “YOU’RE THE MAMA!”

Here’s to the Journey…


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