benj spag

Five to Six (5-6) Months (pureed foods)

Egg yolk (organic only) Applesauce (organic) Bananas (mashed) Stewed prunes Steamed broccoli Carrots (organic only-+ Yams, sweet potatoes Winter Squash

Seven to nine (7-9) months (soft or mashed foods)

Vegetable soups Peas (mashed) Squash Avocados Peaches, nectarines

Ten to twelve (10-12) months (begin to give soft solid pieces)

Yogurt (whole milk organic plain, plain no sugar coconut) Chicken, turkey Cooked vegetable pieces Blueberries Mangos Papaya Potato

After twelve (12) months (protein and calcium sources)

Whole wheat breads and crackers Cheese and cottage cheese Whole egg Cashew and almond butter Oranges Strawberries Melons Apples (peeled) Grapes and raisins (seedless) Corn Spinach Honey Tahini

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