Dishwasher Soap

Laundry Soap

Ingredients {Washes 42 – 62 Loads} from:

  • 6 cups washing soda (where to buy washing sodahow to make your own)
  • Three bars of 4.5 – 5 ounce soap, finely grated (One made with coconut oil works best. Here’s how to make ithere’s where to buy it, and here’s another brand that also works well))
  • lemon essential oil, optional (where to buy lemon essential oil)
  • To Make:
    1. Cut soap into small chunks. Add to the food processor along with the washing soda.
    2. Blend until you have a fine powder. You may want to lay a dish towel over the top of your food processor to prevent a fine mist of powder from floating into the air. Also, let it settle a bit before opening the container or the powder will float onto your kitchen counter!
    3. Pour into a clean container (keep the essential oil next to the jar and add 5 drops with each load)

    To Use: 

    These instructions are for a top loader. I don’t have any experience with front loaders, sorry!

    1. Add 2-3 tablespoons laundry detergent per load ( If you are washing in cold water, dissolve it in hot water before adding it in. I prefer to start each load with a little hot water to dissolve and then put  my laundry in)
    2. If desired, add about five drops of lemon essential oil as a degreaser
    3. If washing whites, add a scoop of Oxiclean or pour 1/2 cup peroxide in the bleach compartment
    4. Add 1/2 cup vinegar to a Downy ball or the fabric softener compartment
    5. For extra fabric softening goodness and a shorter drying time, toss some felted wool dryer balls in the dryer with your clothes.

Multipurpose Cleaner

  • Uses for Oil of Oregano
  • Buy it instead Oil of Oregano
  • Make it Oil of Oregano (Heather gives great info on the benefits of oil of oregano vs. bleach for disinfecting, then gives a recipe for a muti cleaner so USE Oregano Oil for that instead of the other for great disinfecting POWER!  To order Oil of Oregano to go Young Living)

Air Fresheners

Glass Cleaner

Oven Cleaner:  From All I have to do to get a shining oven is spray the whole oven down with a water bottle so that it is damp, and pour on a thick layer or baking soda, especially on the bottom, until there is about 1/4 inch layer of baking soda paste on the bottom. If any of the baking soda is still dry, I mist it with the water bottle.

Then, I walk away, and leave the baking soda there for a few hours (with the oven off, unless you want to see some amateur special effects… I don’t recommend this!) After a few hours I simply wipe up the paste with a cloth and all the grime comes with it. For really baked on grime, this may take a couple applications, but it always works and it is 100% natural!



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