One complication of a healthy or special diet is when mama has to be or desires to be gone for a meal.  This coming week I am traveling with my new job to a conference in California for four days.  To sure my little man eats as he should when I am gone I have set up a few things to help my hubby successfully prepare delicious healthy meals for all of them.  Today I am just going to share one tip:  multiply and freeze!

Since I knew this trip was coming up I have been double or even tripling the recipes and freezing them.  If you have the mess it takes just a moment more to multiply what you are already doing.  For one of the days I am gone I have left doughnuts for breakfast, this will be the Sunday morning treat.  These doughnuts are refined sugar free, egg free, gluten free or grain free and delicious (the egg free one will be eaten by my one little one with an egg allergy and the rest of the crew.  Matthew will eat the grain free pack that I have also left ‘see grain free doughnut recipe here’ ).

If your hubby is newer to this you can also make the whole mix and freeze it.  Then all he has to do is defrost, cut the tip off the bag, and bake the doughnuts.  (See doughnut recipe here)

As I give my web page a new look in the upcoming weeks I am going to add a section called Helping Hubby!  This section will have helpful tips to get hubbies on board with a healthy lifestyle as well as empower them in the kitchen!



Hello Everyone!

I have been offline for a while but I am back!  And back full on in a health journey with our son.  The journey seems a bit familiar to our past that there are no medical answers and God needs to show us HIS journey to the healing manifest in our sons body.  This has caused us to enter into a healing diet.

OUR DIET:  We are doing a diet based on prayer and kinesiology.  Therefore, we are muscle testing ,with Dr. Matousek to find out foods his body is “desiring” and will promote healing and foods that his body “does not” want which will clog up the healing process.  I then pray for specifics (so when told no sugar I asked God which were ok and which we should avoid at the moment- see list below).  So, specifically at the moment his body wants ZERO sugar- LOL!  That is kind of a dah, to all of us in the foodie world.  His body is also desiring good fats:  coconut oil, quality meats, quality grass fed dairy, nuts, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc…  therefore, overall we are doing a grain free, high fat, zero refined sugar (including honey and maple syrup)- we are not eliminating carrots, an occasional banana in a protein smoothie, etc…  I guess you can all it a kind of palio, kind of cellular healing, kind of keto!

So, today I am going to share our first successful and delicious meal.  We create quesadillas that were AMAZING!  The other night we made Chili Lime Flat Iron Steak Fajita Salads, they were pretty good (will post recipe later), but these quesadillas were the BOMB!!!!

This is what we did…

  • We took the leftover steak (which was flat iron steak marinated in grapeseed oil, chili powder, cumin, and lots of lime.  Then grilled for 5 minutes on each side- DO NOT OVER COOK or they become like leather)

almond tortillas

  • We gathered from the fridge the leftover peppers and onions, pepperjack cheese, and almond flour tortillas (see picture above).
  • I oiled my skillet with grape seed oil.
  • Then I laid a tortilla down
  • I topped the tortilla with meat, onion/peppers, cheese, and another tortilla.  We topped it with guac, salsa, and sour cream!

DAIRY FREE OPTION:  Use a little bit of Diaya Cheese ( a little goes a LONG way), use Tofutti Sour Cream” . (Since I have a little guy with Dairy and Egg allergy I will always add a DF/EF adaptions as needed.

I hope you enjoy this delicious meal finds your family happy and healthy!  Please comment and let me know how you are and what you are up to!




Hello Dear Friends,

Sorry for my lack of posting over the last months, lots of stuff happening in the life of this girlie, hopefully over Christmas break I will be able to bring you all up to speed.  But in the mean time, here are some quick like to my favorite cookie recipes!!!  Enjoy!

Looking for some Gluten Free, “healthier”  cookie options?  Well, I have pulled a few of my old posts to make it quick and simple for you to find these recipes.  AS we are all swamped with final preparations.  Don’t feel bad if you haven’t started your baking yet, we haven’t either!  We will be starting tomorrow!

peanutbutter kisses

Christmas Cookie Links:

Peanutbutter Kisses

Gingerbread Men/Women

Chocolate Covered GF Pretzels with Sprinkles

Christmas Cut Out Cookies

Grandmas Melt in Your Mouth Sugar Cookies


Almond Roca

Happy Baking!  Have a very Merry Christmas!

“God this is a mistake!  You most definitely gave this sweet little girl the wrong mama!”

Have you ever found yourself saying that?  (or feeling it?)  There have been many times on our journey that I have convinced myself that God made a mistake making me the mom of my oldest child.  I felt like I did everything wrong.  I felt I could not help her.  I felt I could not make her happy or meet her needs.  Punishment didn’t work.  Yelling didn’t work.  Bribing didn’t work.  Meds didn’t work. I remember crying just as much as she did each and every day. And that was a lot.  And then the tears just stopped.  The hurting was so deep inside of me I just turned off my emotions.  Got through the day.  And breathed a sigh of relief when she fell asleep, knowing that we both had made it though another day.


As she slept I would sit on the edge of her bed, feeling so helpless and like a complete failure as a mom.  There she would lay peace filled, beautiful, innocent, and content.  Why were the days so tumultuous?  What was I doing wrong?  I would tell God everyday that He should have given her to someone who could be the mom she needs.  As the storm raged on, I grew deeper and deeper into a pit of despair and desperation.

kids and mom 1

I remember going to a moms group at our church.  It had been a terrible morning with all my children, I had three by then and pregnant with my fourth.  I sat down at my table completely depleted and basically numb, yet my insides spinning out of control.  I just did not know what I was going to do.  I remember Robin (a dear friend now), getting up and giving her little “encouraging ditty” to the moms.  My mind was just negating everything she said.  She then said, “If anyone wants prayer I will be in the back.”


I went running back.  I burst into a pile of tears, unable to even speak.  I finally told her what was going on: My daughter (age 6) had been diagnosed with anxiety, ocd, depression, add, sensory processing disorder, tippy toe walker, and more… That on a weekly basis we met with a medical dr., psychologist, psychiatrist, eye doctor, physical therapist, and an occupational therapist.  I told her that I had worked with at risk kids at the Boys and Girls Club, taught in inner city Minneapolis, and had years of experience with really difficult children, which gave me a huge tool box of things to “do” with “behavior”.  NONE of them worked with my daughter.  She was melting down and violent daily, multiple times per day.  She cried all the time.  She was rarely a joyful child.  My heart was broken.  I told her I felt like a complete failure and that GOD had given her to the wrong mom!  (Read our story here)


girls n mom favRobin very calmly, lovingly, free from judgment listened to everything I had to say.  She then said, “God knew exactly who to give her to.  He knew you were the PERFECT mom for her.  He knew that you had the strength to stand with her and fight for her.  To perervere until you find the keys that unlock her and release freedom to her.  He will give you the tools you need just for her!  You were picked as the ONLY one on the planet that can be her mother.”  For some reason this really hit me.  I think it was that she was so genuine and loving I actually had a spark of hope and believed what she was saying.


We continued to talk and she started sharing about natural health, chiropractors, diets, and things that God created to bring healing.  I was totally clueless on it all.  But, a door was opened.  I began to research and explore.  As I did, I found answers, “the keys” that brought healing to my daughter.


Looking back Robin was so right!  GOD did know that I was the perfect mama for my sweet girl.  He knew I would not give up!  He know I would trust Him with her.  And each and every day I still rely on him to help me parent her as well as my four other children.  I am the PERFECT mama for these five.


They are mine and no one can do what God put me in their lives to do.  Yes, I have made mistakes.  Don’t get me wrong.  Lots of them and some BIG ones along the way.  But, I have learned from those mistakes as have my children.  We journey together!


BE encouraged today that you are the MAMA for your babies.  You are the only one that can do what they need.  You are perfect!  God gave them to you because He trusts you and knows you will be the one that brings these little ones into their destiny!

family jumping 1

Blessings to all you mama!  Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re the right mama.  Be assured you are.  Seek God for wisdom and He will give it to you, guaranteed!!!


For a few years now I have had it on my heart to take my kids on a special 16th birthday trip that signifies who they are and who they are becoming as young adults.  Well, as you all know the first child is the one that breaks the waters for everyone else, this is the child we learn with! As proves true in this little story!

My first born, yes, now 16 and I left Mn yesterday headed for California!  She is my sun and city kind of girl.  The flight went well and we were off to this sweet 1 bedroom apartment we had rented with kitchen and all (I would be able to cook, huge benefit), we were so excited.

Our flight was late and we got to our “apartment” (at 12am) which was in a very run down building and it felt very unsafe.  We met the young man who was to give us keys and get us set up, he was very kind and sweet.  I asked him if this was a safe area, he assured me it was.  I asked him again and he said, yes.

Well, once he left.  We settled down and ordered some pizza!  It was 12am and we were starving, the only thing open was DOMINOS (ugh), so we placed our order.  We sat looking at each other and said this is NOT what the website looked like and it really didn’t feel good.  Everything online (on the website) had good reviews.

AS we sat, I felt more and more unease in my spirit.  I prayed for peace but none came.  I was prompted to google the apartment complex.  Here is what I found…

A very scary place to live at if your a female or a guy who wants to live close to the beach. The place seem great when you move in, but when you hear stories and witness whatever is going on in this building you witness everything that is going on right outside your door. Drugs are a big factor in the building which some of the tenants maybe dealing inside their unit with the in and out of so many people. Management has not done anything to provoke this and clear this mess out (i think the landlord or property manager is part of this cartel). I believe in living life but when someone is getting beat up or stabbed in the hallway or right outside of this building, this apartment building is NOT a good one to live in. JUST A WARNING TENANTS! Live here to see it!
SERIOUSLY, was that confirmation or what?!   After reading that I told Han we are out of here.  We placed our bags by the door and headed to the car.  Once in the car I was going to pull up, put our bags in and get out of dodge, we had forgotten about the pizza at this point.
As we pulled the car out there was a black car with two guys sitting there right outside out the door to our apartment , how was I to get in to get our bags with these two dudes sitting infront of our door, and just then the pizza angle pulled up.  He walked over to me with our pizza, I quickly opened the door and grabbed our suitcases. I asked him if this was a safe part of town (he said yes, but he was wrong, but if he lives there prob. doesn’t know any different), I said I did not think so. (You see I LOVE the city, I am usually very comfy in the city, in urban areas, however something here just did not feel right)  He chatted kindly with me and helped me get our bags into the car and gave us our pizza.  Just as I closed my door the black car with the two guys pulled away!
We then left.  I had just been in LA a few weeks earlier for a conference so I called up the front desk manager I had gotten to know, he said come right over I have a room for you!  Not only a room but a great room, he gave it to us for $200 off per night!  His name is Paul, he was so excited to see us!  His daughter has just passed an important test in Sri Lanka and he was so excited to tell someone!!!  I had prayed for him the last trip and he had gotten a car since our prayer and was so super excited to tell me all about that too.  He had had hours of commute on public transportation to get to and from work, now it is a 10 minute drive!  And he got a great deal he added.
All is good now!  God is so good.  He protected us, sent us a pizza angel, gave us shelter (at a huge discount), provide us with a new and safe place on the beach tomorrow night, and refunded our money from the crazy place, no questions asked!  I am so grateful and so excited to see what this trip holds.   We have only been on the ground for 10 hours!!!!

Register by midnight tonight and save $10!

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This years conference has something for everyone: Vaccination experts, gut experts, learning professionals, therapists, and more! Don’t miss this amazing day set aside to get you and your family healthy! Share this with anyone that would be interested. WE are having a select group of professionals that specialize in alternative treatments for autism, behavioral issues, ADD, etc… if you or someone you know are “stuck” in your health journey new doors await them that will bring healing!

Topics include:

Dr. Bob Zajac, MD, New Kingdom Pediatrics: Wholistic Health Care
Dr. Suzy Youngquist, DC, Revolution Wellness Chiropractic Center: Understanding The Gut Microbiome
Dr. ShaRhae Matousek, DC, Real Health Chriopractic: The Perfect Strom: Removing Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts to Heal Our Children
Dr. Brian Boyd, DC, Y Chiropractic: Vaccinations: Get Educated!
Lisa Carlson, Director, Brain Balance Center: Ultimate Potential: Optimizing Your Childs Natural Abilities
Dr. Megan Nelsen, DC, Cornerstone Family Chiropractic: Kids and Chiropractic
Linde Ditmarson, Bio Feedback Specialist, Quantum Restoration: What is Biofeedback and Can It Help Me?
Dr. Rob Lindsey, DC, Valeo Wellness Center: The Emotions and Illness Connection

Date:  April 25, 2015
Location:  Centennial Lakes Park ( 7499 France Ave. S., Edina, MN)
Cost: $25 per person/$40 a couple  (until April 11)

***NOTE:  TEACHERS can get 8 clock hours for attendance!

Register Here!



To GO to the doctor or NOT got to the doctor, that is the question! Have you ever been faced with that situation? Not knowing if the medical issue you are facing is something you can deal with at home, with a natural practioner, or if it is a case in which a medical doctor is needed?

WE have been in that position on more than one occasion, and it can be stressful!!! Well, Dr. Bob Zajac, (pediatric MD) will be sharing some amazing information on “Western” medicine as well as addressing this most challenging question, at our conference on April 25th!


Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician with additional expertise in asthma/allergy care, developmental/behavioral pediatric care, and natural/holistic care.  He received his degree in Child Development, and  pursued an additional four years of training in a PhD program (Early Childhood Special Education), followed by his medical degree (MD – University of Minnesota – 2000) and residency training (pediatrics – 2000-2003).

Prior to starting New Kingdom Pediatrics, Dr. Bob completed his masters of business degree (MBA, Crown College, 2011-2013).  With a growing interest in natural and holistic care options, he finds great joy in forming partnerships with families and community health and wellness providers.

Dr. Bob and his wife Julie have been married for almost 25 years and have 8 children.

If you are looking for a pediatrician that has a wealth of knowledge about alternative medicine and supports natural health then you most definitely will want to meet Dr. Bob.

He is our pediatrician and we are excited to introduce him to you! He has had so much wisdom in some very challenging decisions we have had to make over the last year concerning the health of our family and I am so thankful for his wisdom, support of natural medicine, and most of all believing that “I” as the parent have the ultimate decision in “what” is best for my child.

Come and meet Dr. Bob in person at our health conference on April 25th!  He will answer all your questions about the melding of natural and western medicine!

Register today, anyone who registers today (April 6th gets a free chair massage, anyone who registers this week gets entered into a free drawing for a massage)



Meet Dr. Brian!  Our family has known Brian and his family for years.  He is an amazing family man with a heart for healing and educating!  We are so honored to have him join us this year to share his knowledge about vaccinations with us!

Here is a little more about Dr. Brian…

Dr. Brian has been a practicing chiropractor since 1999 and has been researching the topic of vaccinations ever since he earned his degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from UMD in 1995.  In addition to having a family practice at Y-Chiropractic in Plymouth, MN, he has been teaching classes on vaccinations for the past 10 years.  The purpose of these classes is to provide parents with information so they can make an informed decision regarding vaccinations for their children.

Since the Disneyland measles cases there has been a flurry of debate in the media over vaccinations.  Are the unvaccinated a threat to herd immunity?  Should parents be forced to vaccinate their children?  Is the science really as clear as health officials claim, that vaccines don’t cause autism?  Dr. Brian will tackle these tough questions and more – helping you decipher fact from fiction.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get educated on this HOT topic and make the best decision for YOUR family!  Register today!



Did you know you are more bacteria than you are human? That’s right. Right now your body is teeming with microscopic organisms. In fact, they outnumber your own cells ten to one.

If you haven’t’ heard of the human microbiome, it’s quite the hot topic in natural health. We are finding these microbes that colonize your gut, skin, and other vital parts of your body affect your gene expression, hormone function, and even brain cognition.

The bottom line: the bugs living on & in you are mighty powerful. Let’s learn to honor & rebuild this delicate ecosystem so that you can truly thrive.

Dr. Suzy Youngquist (Revolution Wellness) will teach you all you need to know about your gut, is it healthy, and how to heal it!

REGISTER TODAY ($10 discount)



Right now this is my favorite meal!  It is so tasty and inexpensive to make.  It freezes well and is a great quick meal out of the freezer.  So, double it up and then freeze the second batch for a easy weekday meal.

Sundreid tom in pan

Sundried Tomato Chicken- Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Option
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • ½ cup basil leaves (fresh)
  • 3 cloves of garlic (at least)
  • 1 c. chicken broth
  • ½ c. organic heavy cream or canned coconut milk
  • ¼ c. parmesean or pecarino (sheep based cheese) or nutritional yeast (dairy free)
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste (about 1 tsp)
  • ⅓ c. sundried tomatoes in olive oil (already sliced is easiest)
  • Family pack bone in tights (can use any cut of chicken)
  • 3 T. grassfed butter or coconut oil
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Season chicken pieces with salt and pepper.
  3. Melt ½ the butter in large oven proof skillet, add chicken and brown on both sides. Remove and set aside.
  4. Melt the other ½ of the butter (coconut oil or grapeseed oil) in pan add garlic and cook string frequently until fragrant, about a minute or so. Stir in chicken broth, heavy cream (or coconut milk), sundries tomatoes, parmesan, thyme, oregano, and basil, then cook a few minutes.
  5. Top with fresh basil. Bring to a boil and simmer until thickened, return chicken to the skillet.
  6. Place in over and roast until cooked through completely, until internal temperature is 180 degrees, about 30-45 minutes.

Have you registered for the conference?  I will be having a table of my favorite baking mixes for sale and sample!  Don’t miss this great event, detail here!




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