Remove Obstacles, Set Goals, Create a Menu & Be Accountable!

I offer individualized consultation to meet your needs. An initial consultation consists of:

Remove Obstacles: We will discuss obstacles that currently are keeping you from being successful in the implementation of a healthy diet for your family.

Goal Setting: We will sit down and create goals to help you overcome obstacles and inspire you to create and implement an affordable healthy eating plan for your family!

Create a Menu: We will create a menu tailored to your family’s tastes and needs. You will walk away with a full weeklong menu, including snacks, recipes, and shopping list!

Accountability: I will give you a phone call to answer questions during your prep week. I will also give you a follow up call the week after

To learn more about setting up a health coaching meeting, click here!


Grocery Store Tours:

Have Kelli show you the ins and outs of shopping for a healthy lifestyle.  Kelli will show you where to shop, how to shop, and share wisdom on how to be an educated and smart shopper!  There are various tour options to fit your needs and budget!

3 Store Tour:  Co-op, Trader Joes, and Cost Co:  This is about a 3 hour adventure where you will meet Kelli and go to all three stores learning where the best deals are and what to buy where.  The tour is designed with your needs in mind weather it be healthier eating or a special diet.

1 Store Tour:  Choose one Co-op, Trader Joes, or Cost Co.:  This is a 1 hour adventure where you will meet with Kelli and go a store of your choice.  You will learn how to best shop that store to meet your needs.

*Group and individual rates available.  Details

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