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I entered the doctors office literally dragging my screaming three-year old, Hannah, through the door.  I was absolutely frazzled!  My daughter was clutching my leg and my brand new baby girl, Lilli, was also screaming as I carried her in the car seat.  Sweat dripping down my forehead.  I thought maybe I should just join in with them and break down bawling right there in the doctor’s lobby.  But, attempting to be a “good” mom, I tried to ignore my two screaming children, tuck my desperation and frustration deep down inside, and politely check them in.

The nurse, sensing my distress, immediately stepped in.  She grabbed the baby seat and rushed us back into a room. When she took the baby, I was free to sweep up my other screaming daughter, her arms and legs flailing, and follow the nurse.  As soon as we got to the room, the nurse handed my baby back to me and left. I had to stand agains the door to keep Hannah inside.  The baby continued to scream, so I tried to rock her while using all my body weight to hold the door shut and keep my three-year-old from escaping.  Exasperated, I anxiously waited for the doctor to arrive.  It thought, “Wow, that was an ugly scene, but now he will finally know what I’ve been trying to get him to understand for almost three years.”  Time after time I had told him, “My daughter gets so upset and out of control that she cannot get herself to calm down,” but neither he nor the office staff seemed to “get it.”  However, today in the midst of such chaos I felt some hope.  At last they would see and give me some answers!

As we waited and waited for the doctor, my daughter eventually calmed  down.  When he entered the room she was sitting with me reading a book.  “You had a bit of a time getting in here I heard.”  I just smiled.  He then said, “Well, some days are just like that.”  He did not understand that EVERYDAY was like this!

Once again, my hopeful expectations regarding the doctors went unfulfilled.  They simply did not get it!  The whole experience was chalked up to “jealousy” of the new baby.  I left feeling defeated and alone.  I knew my daughter was struggling and hurting.  I loved her so much, but nothing I was doing was helping!

This was me eleven years ago!  Today we stand healed and whole!  We went from 7 different doctors to 0, in two years!  Our story of hope can be yours!

Are you in this place right now?   Have  you lost all hope for your own health or the healthy (physical or emotional) of your child?  Are you at your wits end?  If so, I encourage you to  join us at the Health Conference!  Eleven years ago we found hope as the Lord lead us on a journey of natural health, this is where your journey of HOPE can begin as well!  If you have a friend or loved one in this place right now please encourage them to find HOPE at the conference!

For more information on the conference go to info. and registration.  If cost is holding anyone you know back from getting the hope they need at the conference please email Kelli personally at kelli@kingdomkidsnutrition.com and arrangements will be made!

May HOPE fill you today,


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