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Every time you turn on the TV stories of illness plague the airwaves, all you hear is the FLU this, the NOROVIRUS that. After a few moments you are afraid to leave your front door in fear you may just get one of these horrid bugs that are supposedly everywhere!  Well, did you know that the only way you can get one of these “bugs” is if you have an environment (in your body) that allows it to manifest.  If you have an environment that  does not “feed” but “kills” these viruses’ trying to invade your body, your body will actually win!

Things like keeping sugar and grains limited in your diet.  Getting adjusted regularly.  Eating a whole foods diet rich in veggies and fruit will do wonders in creating an environment in your body that is a “bug” killer, not a “bug” grower!  IF you are interested in learning more about this concept on how to create a BULLET PROOF IMMUNE SYSTEM you must come and hear Dr. Meghan speak on how thinking differently and trusting the body can help you create an amazing environment that will KEEP YOU HEALTHY!

It is time to think differently about your health and begin to trust the amazing healing and protective power of our body’s Immune System. By adopting these simple, time-tested principles of healthy living, you can BULLET PROOF your immune system! If you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” this session will change how you think about your health!!

REGISTER TODAY!  Thank you to everyone who has pre registered, it really helps with planning and preparation!

Have an amazing day!


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