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I just had to give you an update!  Here is baby Benj just yesterday!  He was peppy all day long and LONGING to go out in the snow.  He ate a full two bowls of spaghetti and finally daddy took him out for some snow fun a bit after work.  The joy of a happy healthy child!  God is soooo good!

Sometimes when we feed our kids well, go to the chiropractor, give them all the right supplements, and do everything “RIGHT”, it is discouraging when they get sick.  I am here to encourage you that they may get sick, but had you not been doing all those good things they could have gotten sicker!  So, be encouraged that by doing on the “right” things will help them to fight better, be stronger through it, and rebound faster!

Above all we know that God is really the one that brings the healing.  When ever someone in our house is hurt or sick Benj will go over to them, lay his hand on them and say, “Jesus, All Better!” , and walk away!  So, our kids did that to him the other night before he went to bed.  And now we can all say, “Benj, All Better!”


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