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“Water, Water, Water…”  these were the words bellering from the mouth of  my red faced, arch backed 22 month old baby boy on Thursday afternoon as we sat waiting for a room at the Pediatric Emergency Room.  There is a time for natural health and then there is a time when “crisis” care is needed.  This was one of those times!

Standing on the truth, Dealing with the facts!

It all began on Wed. (interesting that it all began on the same day as my post on the belly bug, hmmmm…) baby Benj had about five dirty diapers through out the day which was  a bit suspicious.  But, when he threw up on Wed. evening it was no brainer he had the belly bug.  I was expecting the usual for our family one maybe two times and done!  BUT, that is not what happened.  He was so sick for hours.  He could not keep anything down.  By 11am Thursday it was obvious that he needed to go in.  I have never had any of my children ever get this sick with the belly bug.  He had all the signs of dehydration so I took him to the ER.  I was expecting a quick in, get an iv and then out.  But that is not exactly what happened.

I am a firm believer in standing on the truth.  I believe with all my heart that we all can all walk in devine health.  In the Bible it says that “by His stripes we are healed.”  By what Jesus did on the cross we are healed.  The truth is we are healed, with little Benj on Thursday afternoon it would have been easy for me to enter into fear and panic, but I stood on the truth that HE IS HEALED, however there were some facts that needed to be dealt with.  The fact was that he was severely dehydrated.

I had done everything I knew to do.  I had given him the small sips of water, he had the homeopathic which had always worked in the past, he had been on a probitic.  I had done everything I knew to do, things just spiraled down.

Let Peace Be Your Guide

As I entered the ER they gave my precious little one who had never had a foreign substance in his body, Zofran (an anti-neausa medication).  Normally I would cringe at the thought but I chose peace instead!  The medication worked and he began to keep liquids down.  They sent us home.  I was a bit skeptical as they did not hydrate him and he was keeping liquids down but only because of the medications acting like a band-aide.

Through out the evening every time the medication would wear off he would begin to be sick all over.  Finally on Friday night at 8pm his dose wore off and he started to keep down liquids!  Yippee, we made it over the hump.  He slept that night and woke up quite happy on Saturday morning.  With a sigh of relief I was glad to be “done” with that.  However, my gut was not at peace.  I had an uneasy feeling that would be confirmed a few hours later.

About 11am on Saturday my baby went from chit chatting and playing to lethargic and hot.  He spiked a fever.  As the day progressed he became more despondent and I had less and less peace.  At 7pm my husband and I decided it was time to go back to the ER this time however to Children’s Hospital (should have gone there in the first place)

I arrived at Children’s and we got in quite quickly for the line up that was in there.  They gave him an iv and did some blood work.  Within a few hours his fever went down, he began to chatter again, and finally fell asleep.  We drove home in peace.  I now knew it was over!  The doc had said, “With these little ones they just get behind and they can’t catch up.  It happens so quickly.”  She agreed with me that our first visit should have been an iv not a medication!  Yeah!

Trust The Body

From that point on it has just been a time of watching his little body recover!  Yesterday he was drinking freely and ate a ton of what we call “freezies” (all juice ones- no sugar or additives), and some smashed veggies!  By afternoon he was eating small amounts of food and pushing his brothers over again!  The body is an amazing creation.  It knows what to do to bring healing.  Sometimes we do need to intervene and then just watch as it miraculously regenerates itself!  Amazing!

Healing Cometh…

Benjamin is doing amazing!  His body is healing and he is getting stronger every moment.  There was never a time where I was in fear as I knew that his healing would come.  Healing is defined as restoration to wholeness, and once again the Lord has brought healing to our family!  He is completely being restored to wholeness!

lil and benj

All better, snuggling with my sissy!

Being Educated!

I love to learn!  All of the things I have learned in our journey have helped so much.  The rest of the family followed the regular protocol that I usually use with the belly bug.  They all did great!  The boys had the typical get sick once and done followed by a little cold, the girls just got a cold!  Benj, why did he crash?  I was doing the same thing for him?  Well, his immune system is not even fully matured yet, it won’t be until he is three years old, that is one factor against him.  The other is they way we build a strong immune system is by fighting sickness.  After this episode he is now much stronger to battle belly bugs of the future!

We can know all the right things to do, we can do them, and things still happen!  This is when we have to rest in the truth God gives us, deal with facts in peace, trust the body to do what it was created to do, and watch the healing cometh…

To all you mommies out there with sick little ones today, I am praying for you to have strength, grace, and peace while you wait for healing to cometh!

Heres to a healthy week,


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