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Toxicity is a word that is thrown out a lot in our modern day health lingo. We hear it all over from our personal care products, to additives in foods, and to our internal environment. But what does it actually mean? The dictionary definition of toxicity is the the degree to which something is poisonous. Well, with a definition like that, it’s hard to know what to do. Many people wonder what toxicity is and how it relates to their every day life. Dr. Suzy and Dr. Meghan will be defining toxicity in a way that makes sense to everyone, listing their version of the toxic top 10.

Dr. Suzy and Dr. Meghan have over 10 years of training together not only in chiropractic, but in nutrition and detoxification. They will be sharing the latest research on symptoms related to toxicity and how to get them out of both your internal and external environment.

The more you can decrease your toxic load (the amount of toxins that influence your body inside and out), the healthier you are!  Toxic free kids are healthier kids too!  You will LOVE listening to Dr. Suzy and Dr. Meghan they are dynamic speakers that are passionate about seeing you walk in health!   They are a wealth of information that will help you grow, and be knowledgeable in safe, effective detoxification!

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