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Wow, I have been off line for a long time.  However, I feel the Lord is asking me to pick it up again.  It is going to look a little different but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Two years ago the Lord told me to “Stop doing Kingdom Kids Nutrition and rest.”  So, I did.  Now resting with 5 children took a bit of time to master.  A short time after that we came into a health journey with our oldest son that landed him in bed for about two years.  It was actually in this time that I have learned what he meant by “rest”.  It was a season of learning to hone in on His voice and rest in His wisdom and timing to lead to my sons healing.  I will share more on his his journey as we go!  This season was a season of pulling back from everything, completely focusing on Jesus, and getting my son well at any cost.  I spend many hours praying and crying out to God in frusteration, fear, despertion to heal my son or send me the wisdom to know what to do to get him free.  And the Lord poured out.  It was not over night, it was a long yet fruitful journey.  It was like a puzzle, in which I was given one piece at a time which brought full restoration to my son, in which I am so greatful!  Now is the time …

The shift is here…
The websits is going to get a little bit of a face lift, the focus will be on living a fruitul lifetsyle that brings joy, life, and health!  The key word here is lifestyle!!  We as a family have learned the importance of fueling our bodies well with not only food, but also balancing rest/being on the go, joy in being purposful to have familytime together, and for me as a mama pouring into friendship that fill me and sharpen me as me, and me as mom!  So, this will be the focus of my website.  I am going to be writing on everyday parenting (sharing real life in the moment and from the past parenting snapshots), every day eating (of course delicious healthy family approved recipes- with little to no commentary- drives me nuts when I go to a recipe and have to scroll 20 pages to get the recipe, I just want the recipe!) and the every day mom (thriving vs. surving as a mama) and thriving in the public school (our journey in the public school, the world of sports, and beyond- teaching our kids to carry the light)!  There may be other things that pop up but that is where I feel to begin!

I am excited to be back writing and sharing.  Hope it brings hope, health, joy and life to you and your family!

Please let me know what you want to hear about!  Comment below if there are topics you would like me to address, health questions/diet/parenting/thriving vs. surviving motherhood/behavior/dealing with kids friends….I will happily share what I have with you!



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