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Hello Everyone!

I have been offline for a while but I am back!  And back full on in a health journey with our son.  The journey seems a bit familiar to our past that there are no medical answers and God needs to show us HIS journey to the healing manifest in our sons body.  This has caused us to enter into a healing diet.

OUR DIET:  We are doing a diet based on prayer and kinesiology.  Therefore, we are muscle testing ,with Dr. Matousek to find out foods his body is “desiring” and will promote healing and foods that his body “does not” want which will clog up the healing process.  I then pray for specifics (so when told no sugar I asked God which were ok and which we should avoid at the moment- see list below).  So, specifically at the moment his body wants ZERO sugar- LOL!  That is kind of a dah, to all of us in the foodie world.  His body is also desiring good fats:  coconut oil, quality meats, quality grass fed dairy, nuts, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc…  therefore, overall we are doing a grain free, high fat, zero refined sugar (including honey and maple syrup)- we are not eliminating carrots, an occasional banana in a protein smoothie, etc…  I guess you can all it a kind of palio, kind of cellular healing, kind of keto!

So, today I am going to share our first successful and delicious meal.  We create quesadillas that were AMAZING!  The other night we made Chili Lime Flat Iron Steak Fajita Salads, they were pretty good (will post recipe later), but these quesadillas were the BOMB!!!!

This is what we did…

  • We took the leftover steak (which was flat iron steak marinated in grapeseed oil, chili powder, cumin, and lots of lime.  Then grilled for 5 minutes on each side- DO NOT OVER COOK or they become like leather)

almond tortillas

  • We gathered from the fridge the leftover peppers and onions, pepperjack cheese, and almond flour tortillas (see picture above).
  • I oiled my skillet with grape seed oil.
  • Then I laid a tortilla down
  • I topped the tortilla with meat, onion/peppers, cheese, and another tortilla.  We topped it with guac, salsa, and sour cream!

DAIRY FREE OPTION:  Use a little bit of Diaya Cheese ( a little goes a LONG way), use Tofutti Sour Cream” . (Since I have a little guy with Dairy and Egg allergy I will always add a DF/EF adaptions as needed.

I hope you enjoy this delicious meal finds your family happy and healthy!  Please comment and let me know how you are and what you are up to!




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