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Meet Dr. Brian!  Our family has known Brian and his family for years.  He is an amazing family man with a heart for healing and educating!  We are so honored to have him join us this year to share his knowledge about vaccinations with us!

Here is a little more about Dr. Brian…

Dr. Brian has been a practicing chiropractor since 1999 and has been researching the topic of vaccinations ever since he earned his degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from UMD in 1995.  In addition to having a family practice at Y-Chiropractic in Plymouth, MN, he has been teaching classes on vaccinations for the past 10 years.  The purpose of these classes is to provide parents with information so they can make an informed decision regarding vaccinations for their children.

Since the Disneyland measles cases there has been a flurry of debate in the media over vaccinations.  Are the unvaccinated a threat to herd immunity?  Should parents be forced to vaccinate their children?  Is the science really as clear as health officials claim, that vaccines don’t cause autism?  Dr. Brian will tackle these tough questions and more – helping you decipher fact from fiction.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get educated on this HOT topic and make the best decision for YOUR family!  Register today!



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