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For a few years now I have had it on my heart to take my kids on a special 16th birthday trip that signifies who they are and who they are becoming as young adults.  Well, as you all know the first child is the one that breaks the waters for everyone else, this is the child we learn with! As proves true in this little story!

My first born, yes, now 16 and I left Mn yesterday headed for California!  She is my sun and city kind of girl.  The flight went well and we were off to this sweet 1 bedroom apartment we had rented with kitchen and all (I would be able to cook, huge benefit), we were so excited.

Our flight was late and we got to our “apartment” (at 12am) which was in a very run down building and it felt very unsafe.  We met the young man who was to give us keys and get us set up, he was very kind and sweet.  I asked him if this was a safe area, he assured me it was.  I asked him again and he said, yes.

Well, once he left.  We settled down and ordered some pizza!  It was 12am and we were starving, the only thing open was DOMINOS (ugh), so we placed our order.  We sat looking at each other and said this is NOT what the website looked like and it really didn’t feel good.  Everything online (on the website) had good reviews.

AS we sat, I felt more and more unease in my spirit.  I prayed for peace but none came.  I was prompted to google the apartment complex.  Here is what I found…

A very scary place to live at if your a female or a guy who wants to live close to the beach. The place seem great when you move in, but when you hear stories and witness whatever is going on in this building you witness everything that is going on right outside your door. Drugs are a big factor in the building which some of the tenants maybe dealing inside their unit with the in and out of so many people. Management has not done anything to provoke this and clear this mess out (i think the landlord or property manager is part of this cartel). I believe in living life but when someone is getting beat up or stabbed in the hallway or right outside of this building, this apartment building is NOT a good one to live in. JUST A WARNING TENANTS! Live here to see it!
SERIOUSLY, was that confirmation or what?!   After reading that I told Han we are out of here.  We placed our bags by the door and headed to the car.  Once in the car I was going to pull up, put our bags in and get out of dodge, we had forgotten about the pizza at this point.
As we pulled the car out there was a black car with two guys sitting there right outside out the door to our apartment , how was I to get in to get our bags with these two dudes sitting infront of our door, and just then the pizza angle pulled up.  He walked over to me with our pizza, I quickly opened the door and grabbed our suitcases. I asked him if this was a safe part of town (he said yes, but he was wrong, but if he lives there prob. doesn’t know any different), I said I did not think so. (You see I LOVE the city, I am usually very comfy in the city, in urban areas, however something here just did not feel right)  He chatted kindly with me and helped me get our bags into the car and gave us our pizza.  Just as I closed my door the black car with the two guys pulled away!
We then left.  I had just been in LA a few weeks earlier for a conference so I called up the front desk manager I had gotten to know, he said come right over I have a room for you!  Not only a room but a great room, he gave it to us for $200 off per night!  His name is Paul, he was so excited to see us!  His daughter has just passed an important test in Sri Lanka and he was so excited to tell someone!!!  I had prayed for him the last trip and he had gotten a car since our prayer and was so super excited to tell me all about that too.  He had had hours of commute on public transportation to get to and from work, now it is a 10 minute drive!  And he got a great deal he added.
All is good now!  God is so good.  He protected us, sent us a pizza angel, gave us shelter (at a huge discount), provide us with a new and safe place on the beach tomorrow night, and refunded our money from the crazy place, no questions asked!  I am so grateful and so excited to see what this trip holds.   We have only been on the ground for 10 hours!!!!
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