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GF Quasidillas with Dairy Free Option

Here is a great quick recipe that can be lunch, dinner, snack, or appetizer!  It is oh so simple!

You will need gluten free tortillas (I use Enjoy Life are my favorites for Quasidillas as they crisp up nicely- Hannah like the “fiesta” Udis ones best), cheese or refried beans to get them to stick together, coconut oil, diced veggies and/or black beans for filling.

1.  Heat griddle (325 degrees) cover it with coconut oil

2.  Place 1 tortilla on griddle

3.  Put on a layer of cheese or refried beans (for dairy free)

4.  Add fillings:  diced veggies, black beans, etc..

5.  Put top tortilla on

6.  Once it browns up,  flip it.

7.  Cook ’til brown and cheese is melted

Also, don’t miss out on these four great opportunities to get and stay healthy!

Bunch of fun learning opportunities for you coming up in the near future…
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