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‘Tis the season for the tummy bug.  It is running rampant.  There are many things that you can do to avoid or shorten the time you and your family suffer from this “icky” seasonal bug.  Here are a few tips from our family to yours:


*Eat foods that have probiotics in them daily!  Here are some of the foods we eat… Fermented sour kraut (COLD- heat distroys the good bacteria that combat the belly bug).  You can use home made or BUBBAs is a good brand,  you will find it in the refrigerator section at the co-op! bubbies-sauerkraut-40886 Quality Yogurt:  The key NO SUGAR!  Find a plain or vanilla yogurt you like what is not sweetened, add honey, maple syrup, or fresh fruit to naturally sweetened!  Yoplait is an example of a yogurt NOT to eat!!!  The brand we eat is PastureLand Greek Yogurt:  plain, whole milk, cream on top- it is the BOMB and packed with tons of live active probiotics that combat the belly bugs!  You can also make your own see Cultures For Life to learn how.

Kiefer:  The key here is also NO SUGAR!  My favorite is goat kiefer there is a plain or berry that is from real fruit.  You can find them at your local co-op.  You can also make your own see Cultures For Life to learn how.Redwood-Hill-Farm-Plain-Cultured-Goat-Milk-Kefir

Kambucha:  This is a fermented tea drink that I love!  Again try to stay with lowest sugar content, it will not be void of sugar as sugar is what causes a food supply for the good bacteria to reproduce.  You can easily make this at home as it is very expensive to buy!



Probiotics:  A good quality probiotic is always a good idea especially if your family eats processed foods, which means we really should take one each and every day.  Some companies that carry good probiotics are:  Metagenics, Pure, or Systemic Formulas (make sure they are therapeutic grade and mix up varieties that you take)

Grippe Homeopathic:  Once the belly bug starts to hits we use this on everyone.  It drastically reduces the time of illness and allows others to not get infected because it boosts the immune system specifically for the belly bug, thus putting the immune system on alert to attack invaders.  To get Grippe. (Scroll down to Grippe HP, then add to cart)

Essential Oils:

Thieves:  Overall boosts immune system.  We use a roll on each night on our feet to boost our immune system in the winter. If people in our home are not feeling well I do a drop in water 1 to 2 times per day.

Digize:  Great if the belly bug hits.  It is very soothing and calms down the tummy.  Rub 1-2 drops around belly button and 1 drop behind each ear every 20 minutes until tummy calms down.  Sometimes, a heating pad over the oils help to sooth quicker.  You can also diffuse this.tummy oils

Peppermint:  Diffused or on feet and around bellybutton to easy and calm tummy! I always diffuse a mix of 5 drops of Thieves, 5 drops of Digize and 5 drops of Peppermint and it is really calming to the tummy!

Order Oils Here!  (Enter my #1411973  to be added to my team and order.  To order from Kelli directly email kelli@kingdomkidsnutrition.com) I hope these tips help you and your family battle strong through this winter!

Many blessings,


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