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Mark your calendars for an Open House welcoming Dr. Kate to the Tula community on December 13th! The open house will be held from 10:00a-2:00p here at Tula. Come when you can and leave when you must, we will be offering complimentary yoga, massages, and providing a light lunch for those interested in attending Dr. Kate’s two seminars in the afternoon.  Details can be found below.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!
10-11a: “Breaking Down Vinyasa” free yoga class with Dr. Kate and Ann Blackburn
11-11:30a-Q&A and massage care
11:30a-12:00p: Lunch ‘n’ Learn session 1 “Winter Defense”: A Guide to Staying Healthy During the Winter Months and What to do if You Catch a Bug
12:00-12:30: Q&A and massage care
12:30-1p: Lunch ‘n’ Learn session 2: “10 Nutritional Myths You Probably Believe”
1:00-2:00p: Q&A and massage care
A Little More About Dr. Kate:

Dr. Kate graduated with her doctorate in chiropractic from Northwestern here in MN. While advancing her clinical studies in chiropractic school, Dr. Kate discovered the powerful connection between yoga and Chiropractic.  As a student of yoga herself, Dr. Kate is passionate about helping her patients restore balance in their bodies. Dr. Kate identifies and treats misalignments in the body as well as the postural and muscular components that correspond and contribute to these imbalances. Dr. Kate is also passionate about real food and getting people healthy from the inside out! To find out more check out her website at www.katecraigdc.com

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