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One of the things I have found to be amazing is using my oils in various lotion/rubs.  How I do this is simple and easy.  It stretches out the oils and is an easy way to use oils in your daily life.

Basic lotion recipe:  (adapted from wellnessmama.com– great resource check it out!)

1/4 c. Coconut Oil

1 T. Bees Wax Pellets

Take a double broiler (or a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water), place coconut oil in top of double boiler (or in glass bowl on top of pot of water), when melted add bees wax.  Immediately when wax is melted remove from heat.  Place in storage containers and allow to cool.  Once cooled stir in oils in order to preserve the therapeutic qualities of the oil.

Here are some combos I LOVE….

Vapo Rub for cold/flu:

This is what I use for my family…

15-20 drop of RC with 15-20 drops of Raven for a STRONG rub- helps our croup, severe coughs, or severe congestion


15-20 drops of Rc:  More for congestion works for us

15-20 drops of Raven:  More for cough works for us

*For the cough that won’t stop I use the Rc, Raven vapo rub on the bottom of each foot and place socks on the feet!

*Diffusing RC and Raven (10 drops each) has been super helpful for stopping coughs in our house!

Happy Mommy Lotion:

10-15 drops of Joy oil (for added goodness add 15 drops of Abundance as well)  This is MY favorite concoction!
If you struggle with getting aggravated, impatient, anger, or depression….the oil  I have used that has really helped me to remain “calm” is Bergamot!  It is amazing.  I take 1 drop one time a day and then 1 drop as needed if aggravated in any way!  (I never leave home without Joy, Abundance, and Bergamot!

Sleepytime Lotion:

10-15 drops of Lavender, Valor, Peace and Calming, or Valerian (this is for difficulties for sleeping.  You can also mix these together.  A great mix I like it 10 Lavender with 10 Valerian.

Stress Away Lotion:

10-15 drop of Stress Away or Peace and Calming (I personally like the smell of Peace and Calming better)

(The oil amounts above I use for 1 oz. containers- alter oils for larger or smaller containers.  Where to get containers  Abundanthealth4you.com  NOTE:  glass is best, must be dark so cover with duck tape or get colored containers)

To order oil click here (if you order here please copy this number 1411973 and paste it into the sponsor id spot or contact me 612-363-3977 or email kelli@kingdomkidsnutrition.com)  or contact be to be added to my next order….



***COMMENT below as you try the above ideas and let me know how they work for you!!!





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