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Sometimes I just get so stuck with lunch.  This is my new favorite.  Meatballs with broccoli.  It is quick and super simple.

I make a huge batch of meatballs, then I freeze them.

For a fast lunch I pull them out put them in a baking dish, pour spaghetti sauce over them and toss it in the oven.  In less than 1/2 hour I have an amazingly healthy lunch that is packed with protein to fill my growing boys tummies.

This is great in lunch boxes too, just heat it, put in thermos and it’s ready to go!

Quick Easy Lunch: Gluten Free Palio Meatballs N' Broccoli
NOTE: I usually make 3lb and tripple the recipe. I then cool them, toss them in a ziplock and in the freezer they go!
  • 1 lb grass fed ground beef (can use chicken or turkey instead)
  • 1 tsp. oregano
  • 1 tsp. basil
  • 1 tsp. thyme
  • 1 clove garlic
  • ½ onion diced fine
  1. Mix ground beef, dried or fresh herbs, garlic and onion. Roll into about 1 inch ball sizes. Bake at 350 degrees until internal temperature is 160 degrees (at least).
  2. *Top with your favorite spaghetti sauce when served. My kiddos like them plain with no sauce at all as well. You can also melt some raw grass fed or goat cheese on them to mix it up bit!

I serve this with broccoli and dip (click here for recipe).  (For my egg free little one he gets veganaise garlic spread instead of my homemade dip)

Hope you enjoy it!


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