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It has been a while since my post on new beginnings and I am finally finding the inspiration to write on…(so here is the update) Well, after week one I did not self combust! This is a good thing.  However, I sure felt like I was going to.  Week one I cut out all grains and sugars (even honey and maple syrup).  Even though I basically only eat maple syrup, coconut sugar, and honey as sweeteners I had quiet an intense detox from eliminating all grains and sugars from my diet. I felt like my internal motor was on hyperdrive and would not stop. Like a constant revving engine. It did not matter if it was day or night, I was going 100 mph! This began Friday, the day after I started a grain free and complete sugar free diet!  All I could do was pray for peace to come, and finally almost a week to the day, peace came!

I woke up on Thursday morning and “ah”….there it was “peace”.  I was so overjoyed that nothing else in life could bring me down!!!  I had conquered and was moving on.  I was suppose to give up coffee (LOL), but decided to give it another week before trying that.

The next two weeks were great, however I never did quit the coffee. I finally decided that it was time to let coffee go.  And I did.  An exchange for tea, which worked.  However, it was my sons birthday.  In which I decided to have some “gluten free” birthday cake.  Sugar and grain ingested, and I was fine!!!  I was so excited.  So, each day I would sneak a little gf grain here, a sweet treat there and with in a week I was a mess again.  My gut started to react (severe pain and bloating) and I was feeling anxious again.  As they say, “I fell off the wagon!”

(SIDE NOTE:  This is what my friend Dr. Faith talks to us about the “cup”.  If you have a cup and you put a little sugar in it, then a little stress, then a little gluten, and a little of this and a little of that, all of a sudden your cup overflows and your react, well my cup overflowed really quickly because I had not given my body time to really heal and my cup had just poured off the top layer and I filled it right up)

So, instead of giving up, I started over!  NO grains, NO sugar, NO coffee, and a bunch of other no’s I won’t get into.  Basically a diet of meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, and nuts!  At least this time I didn’t feel quite as crazy, not a revving engine, but I was a crazed maniac, (ask my family), in the way of sooooooo crabby and irritable.  After about a week things are now again starting to chill (even) out and I am feeling so much better (physically and emotionally)!

Why is it that when I eat all whole foods and no sugar I feel GREAT, but I QUIT????  Crazy!  This time I am determined to make this my lifestyle for a while, so my body has time to heal.

Last weekend all the pieces to this puzzle came together.  I was listening to Dr. Pompa who was here with Revolution Wellness and he was talking about leaky guy.  Which I know I have and my kiddos.  We have tried many things but nothing has healed it completely!  A leaky gut IS THE CAUSE of food sensitivities!  Therefore, heal the gut, heal the sensitivities.  This I have known for sometime, just have not really had the finances to tackle it with the entire family!  So, I have just been praying about what to do. So, I decided that I was going to take this by the horns and get my gut completely healed (more on how I destroyed my gut in high school/college/young adult years in the future).

I am going to heal my leaky gut and my kids!  The only issue for me is that is just not in the budget for us right now to do the whole “plan” to restore my gut.  I am going to just move on with what I know and see what happens. To start I am going to eat foods that heal the gut AKA whole foods:  organic grass-fed meats, veggies, fruit, nuts, and raw cheese.  I am also going to make sure I do not ingest ANY and I mean ANY corn products!!!!  GMO corn creates holes in your gut (Stephanie Seneff- MIT Scientist), thus not a thing containing a corn ingredient will grace these lips!  I will also consume a ton of homemade chicken bone broth (made with the feet, yes!), coconut oil (super healing to the gut), and good saturated fats like wild caught fish, fish oils, flax oil, etc… (also very healing to the cut).

I will keep you posted as to how it goes.  My family will be doing this with me. I am also trying out essential oils to assist in my healing.  Like today I had some chicken and I am guessing one of the spices didn’t work so well as I had pain, so I rubbed some DiGize on the painful area and it helped!  Super exciting.  Oils are my new hobby.

As for resting….The picture above says it all, that is my kind of rest.  NON- existent.  So this has basically been a roller coaster of emotion more than anything.  Going well sometimes and then not so well at other times.  You know me I am a busy body.  It has been a process of learning how to let go of “who I have become defined by what I did or was doing”, to becoming, who I am  “created to be.”  The journey has been filled with joy at times and very painful at others!  I thank my family for their patience as I go through this season!

‘Til next time,


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