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You just can not go through fall without an apple pie from the orchard!  This year I decided to veer from the traditional pie and try a healthy version of a carmel apple pie.  Votes are in and it was a hit!

How I did it was….

1.  Started my homemade paleo carmel from Dr. Meghan’s Blog (Just Enjoy Food- click here for recipe) AS carmel was cooking I did the following steps….

pie two


2.  Diced up 8 cups of peeled “pie apples” (cheapest bags at the orchard)

3.  Tossed 1 T. of cinnamon in to coat the apples


3.  Made the crust using Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Biscuit Mix:  I follow the package directions for pie crust however I substitute the butter for coconut oil and then slowly add water until it becomes a ball of moist (NOT WET) dough.  I roll it between 2 sheets of parchment paper.  (I crisscrossed the crust by cutting slices in the top crust and laying them over the top of the apples, not real pretty as dough breaks easily, you can also just do the traditional top crust!

4.  Put one crust on bottom of pie pan.

5.  When carmel is done pour about 1/2 of it on apples and stir until well coated.

6.  Fill pie crust bottom with cinnamon/carmel coated apples, pour the rest of the carmel over the top of the apples.

pie not cooked

7.  Top with crust and pinch shut.  Make slits around crust randomly.  Sprinkle with raw sugar if desired.

8.  Bake 40-50 minutes on 350 degrees until golden brown and bubbles!

9.  Enjoy with organic vanilla ice cream on top or vanilla coconut milk ice cream, great on it’s own as well!

pie one




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