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Well, as the journey of life goes.  Transition is always in the wind it seems.  In the past months I have been more and more getting to a breaking point.  Trying to balance family life with running my own buisness.  Trying to rastionalize my passion to get the word out abut healthy living to families that I began to put things of my family to the side.  I was running all the time, being fueled with “how do you do it all.”  While things inside were slowing growing to a point of explosion as I could not figure out the right “balance” of both. However, God is so good.  Our family went to a retreat and My friend gave me a hug and she said, “You are just exhausted,  Sweetie you are just carring somethings that are just not yours to carry.  You need to rest.”  I burst into tears.  She prayed for me and a sense of peace and release fell upon me.  I knew things were going to change as this was a word I had been hearing from the Lord,  “Rest!”  The problem, I just didn’t know how.  How do you rest when you have a message the world needs, a family with 5 children, and food that demands a lot of time.  I knew I needed to change the way I was eating and address my own health issues but I knew we did not have the money to explore that.  I do a great job feeding evenyone else well, just not me. After this I met with a friend of mine who does biofeedback.  She hooked me up and said wow your energy level is LOW.  I asked how low, she said 6.  I asked what was normal she said 80-100.  She said, “You need to rest!”  Many other things came to the surface during this biofeed back session.  Many of my deep dark secrets came out (which was a good thing) .  My adrehal functioning was shot, I was malnourished (can you believe someone who teaches on healthy eating is malnourished), my body was literally reacting to most foods, my thoughts were abundanlty negative, and I was sad beyond sad!  LOL, who would have thought that unless you jumped inside my body and saw for yourself.  None of this was startiling info.  to me.  You know how sometime you know things you just ignore them.  Then they come at you from every direction and you can no longer ignore them.  Well, that is where I was at.   My friend looked at me and said, “It is time to take care of YOU!”  So, I changed my diet:  meat (no lamb), veggies (no avocado- boohoo), fruit, nuts, and some dairy!  actually started a supplement for myself, listen daily to a decloration CD, working on changing my negative thoughts to the postivie- even if I need to say it out loud, got rid of my “SHOULDS”, I am resting (in spirit and body) and eating well! In just  a few short weeks everything I had been feeling was confirmed by my friend who prayed and my friend that did my biofeedback.  I am in a new season of learning to grasp and LOVE being a mom and wife.  I am learning how to be “responsibly, irresponsible” as my friend put it! smoothies I have such vision and passion wanting to share with the world all that I have learned and love about a healthy lifestyle which allows people to walk in health and freedom.  It is so awesome to see that happen in peoples lives.  In the past I ahve been driven by my passion and then I was a mom and a wife. matthew I have had the revelation that my identity in the past has come from what “I do” not “who I am”.  So, this is a new season of learning “who I am” apart from “doing”.  Make sense?  Well, I am excited about this new journey and am switching my mindset from all my “SHOULD” do, to what I “WANT” to do.  This is doing a ton for my mood and emotions!  My first focus is now my husband and kids, not my vision.  I am learning to “rest” and “be” versus running one hundred miles per hour 24/7!  (And it is HARD!) Why am I sharing all this?  Well, it is because I feel like many moms are in this same boat.  WE put such a high standard upon ourselves to be perfect.  The perfectly clean house, perfect children, change the world, etc…  We then stuff our own needs (even eating well, excersise, and rest: because there is no time), wants, desires, then create a list of “Shoulds and have to’s” to be the best mom in the world.  I feel like sharing my story with you will give you freedom to examine where you are at and take a minute and breathe!  I hope my story and the journey that is to come is encouraging to you as a mom and helps you to be free and rest in being a MOM and WIFE….it is a high calling and we can rest in it is enough! hannah I am also simplifying my life.  Just telling you this makes me feel accountable to follow through (LOL)!  These are the goals I have in re-organizing my life and bringing simplification to my life as a wife and mom!  Giving me more playtime with my kiddos and hubby!

  1. Creating a Vitamin Plan for my family that are quick, easy, organic, and arrive on my door.  I have done this!  I am so excited.  I found the vitamin, fish oil, vitamin c, and enzyme we are going to be taking daily and it come directly to my door.  It is super reasonable and I love it!  My vitamins are $14 per bottle, that is amazing! (DONE!)


  1. A container for each kids vitamins for each day! (on the to do list)


  1. Finding a probiotic that will come to my home as well that is good quality.  This is on my to do list however, I have 3 bottles in my fridge that I am going to use up first and then I will dive into it!  (on the to do list)


  1. Get glass waterbottles for my whole family!  ( on the to do list)


  1. Find online source for my liquid vitamin d so I don’t have to run to the store.  (on the to do list as I have a bottle now)


  1. Create a winter defense plan for my family.  At the sight of a sniffle or not feeling 100% I want a kit ready to go.  So, it will have…

Essential oils:  Thieves, Peppermint, Digize (Young Living) Supplements:  Vivi (Systemic Formulas), Grippe Homeopathic (Energique), Vitamin A Food:  Frozen Chicken Soup with bone broth, Zevia:  Ginger Ale & Rootbeer, Essentia Water, Full of Fruit popsicles in deep freeze (hidden)

  1. Create an updated pantry list and begin to build a bulk pantry .  Also, get another shelf for my storage closet. (to do)


  1. Create a book of menu plans with shopping list (to do)
  1. Start a “cow” and “freezer” savings account.  I want a huge freezer and a whole cow in it!  LOL!


  1. Have an oils evening…just for fun!  “Winter Defense” Scheduled for Oct. 16th!

So, now that I have told you all this.  As I get it done I will put “Done” vs. “to do”.  I will share with you how I go about doing all these things!  I am super excited to grasp this new season of embracing motherhood and begin a wife to the fullest.  So, first things first…Facebook status change…What do you do?  Stay at home mom and wife!  LOVE IT!   Here is to a new season, Kelli   ****IF you are looking for vitamins or oils that arrive at your door email me kelli@kingdomkidsnutrition and I will get you set up!

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