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Many parents rejoice at the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year.  I am so not that way.  It is always hard for me to let them go!  I love being with my children and it seems like the summers just go so quickly!  However, I know that God has put each one of my children right where they are suppose to be this year.  So, trusting Him I move forward putting marching steps to the plan ahead for this year.

Trusting God's Promises!

Trusting God’s Promises!

Today Hannah started her sophomore year at St. Paul Academy for Performing Artists.  Her and I  sat in the van this morning chuckling at the freshman and their parents standing 15 minutes early for the metro bus.  We reminisced about how it was us last year.  She then got out of the van and walked over to her friends waiting for the bus and began chatting.

I was secretly wishing I could walk with her to the bus stop and wave good bye as the bus pulled away, (just like the Freshman parents) but knowing it is time for that slow and gentle letting go, I watched her walk with confidence to the bus stop.  I pulled away seeing her laughing and reconnecting with friends.  Joy for her filled my heart, but a selfish sadness was also within me as I know I have to share her with the world!  She has so many amazing things to release to those around her.

It is amazing how the Lord not only prepares our children for all He has for them, He also prepares us for the letting go that we will need to do in order to allow our children to do all that is awaiting them.  I love that God so lovingly, slowly, and gently is teaching me to learn how to let go and trust Him with my children.  He is so faithful!!!


I love these guys!

I love these guys!

I am rejoicing as I celebrate my sweet Hannah walking confidently to the new year that awaits her.  Definitely another year of challenges, growth, and excitement!  She is deveopling her wings to fly!  My job:  pray for her, listen to her, guide her, be there for her!  I will trust all the promises God has given me over and and watch her turn into the beautiful butterly she was create to be!  This is the first of three of my littel ones to go to school this year!  It is going to be the best year yet!  Happy School Year Everyone!!!



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