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Last week my son Michael got croup from getting exposed to dairy.  Usually going outside in the cold weather followed by a steamy shower calms it down enough to get back to sleep.  However, this time it was not working.  I was waiting until 3am and thought if he doesn’t stop coughing I will take him to the ER.  Well, right at 3 am he fell asleep and things calmed down.


In the morning I was ready to take him to the doctor and get a nebulizer for emergency situations when we can’t get that cough under control.  In the past I had used essential oils lavender with peppermint and that usually would help along with shower and cold weather, this time it had not.  I called the doctor only to find we would have to pay out of pocket for the doc office visit, the nebulizer and the meds since we had not met our deductible for the year.  That was several hundred dollars so I decided to bring him to the chiropractor and see what they suggested.  IN the past my chiro and I had talked about possibly just having a neb in case of emergency, but had not taken steps to do it.

This website is a great resource for children ailments that can be helped by essential oil or essential oil mixes!

This website is a great resource for children ailments that can be helped by essential oil or essential oil mixes!



We got to the office and she tested him finding that the dairy had educed the croup but he also had a virus.  So, we started a new oil “Raven” he was testing for along with some virus herbs.  We started the regimen and I was not really confident in it.  My plan was to do what she said and then if he got bad again that night we would go to the ER and get the nebs, as we only would have to pay $100 out of pocket for the ER visit and they would bill us for the rest.

 Well, we put Mikey to bed with Thieves Oil on his feet and Raven on his chest.  He slept peacefully until about 2am, in which we reapplied the Raven and Thieves and he fell back to sleep until morning!  No ER was needed.

Over the years we have used Lavender for digestion, tummy aches, calming, sleep, and coughs.  We have used Thieves to ward off oncoming colds and viruses.  We have used Eucalyptus for congestions and Peppermint for cold sores, bad breath, and head aches.  Raven was a new one and it worked wonders.  I am so intrigued with oils and how they work.  That is why I am so excited to hear Trish Notley speak on Essential Oils:  What They Are and How They Work, at the conference in a few weeks!  Trish is passionate about natural health and has researched and experienced miraculous healing through the use of essential oils.  It will be a blessing to hear her share her wisdom and experiences with us!


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Great link to aroma therapy play dough (lavender is great for those inside kind of days which we have been having a lot of lately here in MN!)


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