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Deck the Halls Redeemed!

For many years I have tried to replace old traditions with ones that were safe for my family.  For example, as a family we would go out in the Minnesota cold and pick out a Christmas tree.  Dad would set up the tree and we would watch while sipping on a hot cocoa!  Well, once diagnosed with multiple food allergies to dairy, gluten, and a host of others this tradition came to a halt!  I tried hard to continue it, but finding a dairy free hot cocoa that tasted good did not exist.  I tried various milk alternatives with cocoa and honey, stevia, maple syrup, etc…but it never tasted quiet right.

hot cocoa

However, this year that all CHANGED while grocery shopping with my crew, there were samples of soy peppermint hot cocoa and it was amazing.  So, I snuck one in my cart and hid it away until tonight!  After we got home from picking our tree I heated up the hot cocoa and we sipped it as we watched dad get the tree in the stand!

candy cane

Another tradition gone wrong was the candy cane hanging on the Christmas tree!  Basically made of corn syrup and food coloring they were out!  For years we went without but THEN, I found these!  Candy canes free from high fructose corn syrup, food coloring and gluten free!  (Brand TruJoy).  Another tradition restored!

egg nog

Egg nog has not been our tradition in the past.  However, just the other day my 8 year old son asked why we never have egg nog for Christmas, (I did not respond with my origional thought, ‘because it is gross’…past experience) I responded, “it is full of dairy.”  He was bummed because he had heard about egg nog and really wanted to try it.  WELL, out shopping on Thursday I spotted this coconut egg nog!  We will give it a try Christmas eve!

Slowly but surely we are beginning to find things that are bringing our Christmas traditions back in full swing!  Not only are they tasty and  safe, but actually healthier in the long run anyway!

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