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Last week our family was in Kansas City spending time with family.  My husband comes from a large family and it is always so fun when we get together, the cousins and the busyiness of family life!  Well, on this trip my son began to watch The Food Network.  This is a huge treat for our family as we don’t have “cable” tv, just the plain old basics!  Needless to say he watched WAY TOOOO much Food Network, so much so that my mother-in laws TV was stuck on the channel for two days until they got it fixed!  I would find him downstairs, all by himself, watching Bobby Fley!  LOL!

Well, the last night we were there my son, Matthew, who is 9 decided it would be great to have a BBQ!  His menu was grilled steak, salmon, chicken, and shrimp with all the fixin’s!  I loved his excitement and the light in his eyes as he shared his ideas with me.  I told him we would talk about it and plan a “budget” and menu.  When we got home we did just that.  My hubby and I picked a date, Labor Day- great day for a BBQ.  Matthew is preparing his menu, which we will scale down before our shopping trip.  Our family is making a guest list and yesterday the boys (Matthew 9 and Michael 6) were busy cleaning grills and the yard!  (I am liking this!)

Another things happened through this brithing of a new passion!  Matthew has become very intereted in the “kitchen”, so last week he spent each morning in the kitchen learning how to make breakfast.

Thursday was omlettes with dad

Friday was omlettes made to order on his own

Saturday was pancakes

Sunday is a busy morning off to church so dad just made some oatmeal

Today is eggless french toast!  It is such a joy to see him come to life as he cooks.  What a great life skill as well as FUN!  This week he is going to learn to clean his MESS as well!!!  I encourage you to search out each one of your childs passions and really pour into them.  See how it brings them LIFE and JOY!  There is nothing like it!

Blessings on your week,


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