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When out shopping for school supplies I purchased a binder for myself to “get organized!”  (LOL…are you always on the quest for organization, I am)  Well, I opened up the binder and inside it had a quote, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart, ” (Confucius)  Well, I have no idea who this Confucius is (probly should, but just being honest, never heard of the guy), he has a great point.

Last week I wrote about being a chicken!   Well, the first step to becoming a chicken is to live IN the moment, not for the next.  This quote really hit home with me when I saw it!  I so need to give my whole heart to my kids right now, every moment I am with them I need them to have my whole heart!  Not my distracted heart, not my just a minute heart, MY WHOLE HEART!  This type of heart is my focused attention!

Have you ever noticed that you kids are talking to you and you are texting, throwing in laundry, making a meal, and when they walk away you do not even know what you just said, “YES.” to?  I have found that happening time and time again lately.  My kids run up, say something, I agree or acknowledge, just to have them dash off and I have no idea what they said because I was distracted!

Our lives are filled with distraction opportunities!  Cell phones, ipods, internet, jobs, activities, etc… the list goes on and on.  I think in all the hussle and bussle we are missing it!  WE NEED to be engage with our kids hearts!  THEY NEED our FULL attention!  Our FULL attention when communicating with them shows them we CARE and LOVE them!  It tells them that THEY are more important than what we are DOING!

Make note this week of how your intereactions are with your kids.  Are you fully giving them your attention when they want to communicate or are you doing something else, nodding your head and missing what they just told you!

I have really been focused on when my kids come up to me to communicate something to me, I have them “wait” until I am done filling the washing machine or putting the burgers on the grill.  I then “STOP”, LOOK at them, and LISTEN!  I then find I hear and respond, we communicate and then a heart connection is made!  I am also finding that I am getting more done because they are filled with having my attention when they need it and are not constantly trying to GET IT any way they can!

These heart connections build bonds, trust, and love.  Then when the big stuff comes, in those teenage years (we are just hitting those now).  You have a strong foundation and they let you into their world.  They talk about what is going on with them, friends, social drama, working things out in how life works.   When you have a relationship where they know you will listen and they know you care then you can pour into them wisdom and help them manuever in the waters of figuring out life.

So, put down those cell phones and distrations in life and whenever you are with your children, be with them with ALL YOUR HEART!

Blessings on your day,


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