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About six years ago I went to listen to a women speak about being a mother, and her message changed my life.  Her name was Hannah and she was from Africa.  Hannah was this tiny little woman but her words were full of power!  I had brought my Hannah, age eight at the time with me for the evening, she sat next to me listening intently as the stories Hannah was sharing were very entertaining.

Hannah then began to talk about being a mother and she used an analogy that has stuck with me to my core.  It was a chicken and a duck.  This is how she explained it…



She said a mother duck is on a mission.  She stands up and is on her way.  Her little ducklings line up in a row behind her an follow as not to be left behind.  If on the way to where they are going a duckling is to drop off, sink in the pond, or get lost in the shuffle mama duck just keeps on going and baby duckling is on their own.



In her next breath she said and then there is the chicken.  Her chicks are nestled up close around her, tucked under her wing.  As she moves they move in a swarm around her.  A chicken, who is unable to fly, will even attempt to fly to save her chicks.  A mother chicken will attempt the impossible to keep her chicks safe, she will risk her own life.mama chick on the go

Of course she went in to much greater detail, but this was the gist of her message.  In my heart I was so convicted I had been a “duck” for years.  I had my plan for the day and got so irritated if my kids interrupted it.  There was laundry to do, meals to be cooked, and cleaning that just couldn’t wait.  My heart was breaking at this realization, but then my daughter leaned over and whispered into my ear, “You are a duck!”  I just wanted to break down in tears!

I then took a few minutes to repent for what I had done over the years as a mom.  I asked God to help me to be a chicken, that is not my nature, I am very driven and love to feel like I have accomplished something in my day.  And we all know as mom’s that very little is left to show accomplishment at the end of a day at home!  I decided that day that I would become a chicken!

NOW, let me tell you this has been a journey!  AND I am in no way perfect, I still struggle to put down what I am doing to “play” with my kids, however find my self doing it more and more.  I have over the years really started to bring them into my world however, having them help me cook, clean, do yard work, plant and weed gardens, thus filling my need for accomplishment and their need for”ME”!

However, lately I have been feeling like that was just my way of saying I am a chicken when I am really still functioning as a duck.  “Let’s work together “, just what kids want to do!  So, once again I have decided to go to the next level and really engage with my kids.  I find it is much easier to go “out”, away from the house to really be engaged, then the dirty dishes are not staring me in the face.  And I am getting better about doing this at home now as well.

So,my question to you is:  Are you  a chicken or a duck?  If you are a chicken I would love your words of wisdom and encouragement in the comment section below!  If you are a duck, join me on the  journey to true motherhood as a chicken!  (LOL that sounds hilarious).

Blessings on your day,

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