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Today as I was driving to my favorite coffee shop for my Saturday morning out, I was admiring a perfect line that was dividing the clouds.  On one side was a beautiful bright sunny blue sky, the other a dark thick layer of rain clouds.  I then noticed a plane flying from the sunny sky into the ugly looking storm clouds.    Then within moments the plane disappeared into those dark clouds and I knew that in moments that plane would pop up above the clouds into an endless sunny sky!  Have you ever had that experience on an airplane, where you go through the clouds only to discover that a sunny sky prevails above and is only hidden by the temporary storm!

Wow, isn’t this true with life as well?  Storms come and storms go.  Let me tell you we have had our share!  The one thing I have learned over the years is that storms ARE temporary, they come and they go.  The truth is however, that even when a storm is upon us the SUN really is still shining,we just can’t see it.  So, how cool would it be if in the midst of the storm we were able to act, feel, and live as if we were in the sun?  Is that possible?

Does a storm have to be turbulent, tossing our emotions, moods, and attitudes all over the place?  Do the storms in our life really have the  power to control and disrupt our lives, distroying precious relationships?  The lessons I have been learning over the years is NO!  We actually have a choice in the matter!  We can choose to not allow the storm to steal our lives away, we can choose to remember that the TRUTH is the SUN is still SHINING, even when we can only see the storm.   Hard?  Yes!  Impossible? No!

A storm only has as much power as you give it, how you choose to walk through a storm determines how much power it has over your life.  If you make different choices than the “norm” in the strom you will find that not only is the storm less daunting it is also no longer CONTROLLING YOU or distroying those precious relationships.

It boils down to CHOICE and FAITH and TRUST!


You can choose to remember that in the midst of the storm the SUN is SHINING and you can choose to walk in that, which means you choose to deal with life as if the storm was not present.  Now, I do not mean you ignore the storm.  I mean you address the storm from a position of JOY !  You handle the things that come up in the storm as if it were a sunny day.  For example:  (small storm example)  my husband was traveling and on the 4th day I was in need of a break and a storm began to rumble inside of me.  I was frusterated with the kids, sick of doing”everything”- starting my own little pitty party, then kids started getting hurt with little things like bike scrapes, falling down, etc… I found my response to be “REALLY”!  Then I realized that I had a choice.  I could take this “storm” less than perfect situation and begin to make different choices that would allow the atmopshere in and around me to change.  So, I did just that.  I actaully said out loud, “NO I am going to make different choices.”  I sat down with my crying little guy, I stopped, looked in his eyes, and had him tell me what happened.  All my frusteration left, compassion filled me, my attiditude began to change and our day made a turn around, slowly…choice by choice!  Soon the strom that was trying to invade was chased away by my choice to start choosing joy and responding in love!


Some storms are a bit larger than the everyday trials.  IN those situations we must choose JOY as well.  For example:  ( a bigger storm) For a season I was taking my daughter to 7 different doctors a week , hauling 3 kids (under 5) in and our of doctors offices and getting nowhere.  I many times felt defeated and beat down!  However, I learned that my attitude changed everything.  The doctors appointments went much better when I chose an attitude of JOY.  I also LEARNED to walk in FAITH and just trust that God was going to lead me on the path that would bring my daughter healing!  I was weak and wobbly often, struggled with keeping my joy.  However, now 8 years later I find it much easier (key word easier, in no way perfect) to keep my joy in very stressful, turbulent times!

Now when I get a report that my daughters blood pressure is 74/42 I don’t jump off the deep end!  I KNOW God will figure it out.  I KNOW that she will be healed.  I KNOW the doctors He has lead us to will figure out what is going on.  I love her, follow protocols, pray, and watch God work.  I stay in joy, peace, and let the SUN shine.  IN the past I would have been a wreck, running around from doctor to doctor, not sleeping, trying to heal her myself, making everyone one around me unimportant, usually taking my anger and frusteration out on those closest to me.  NO LONGER!  Storms NO LONGER control me, I look that storm in the face and say bring it, my God can handle anything.  Then PEACE, JOY, and LIFE abound!

I now have such a deep FAITH and TRUST that God will do what He says He is going to do that I do not need to worry about so many things I use to worry about, and I can respond in JOY!

I don’t worry about our health, because God says He is our healer (and wow HE’s done a TON of that in our family).

I don’t worry about money, food, clothes, etc… because he says “He is our provider”  (and another WOW He’s done a TON of that in our family as well).

I desire to be more like Jesus, when the storm came upon the disciples in the boat, He was sleeping!  He was filled with peace and confidence that His Daddy (God) had it!  He did not need to worry.  I find myself in that place.  After the journey  we have been on and continue to go on, I find it is much harder (not impossible) for me to be moved by the storms around me.  I keep my focus on the “sunny blue sky above”: then I choose joy, putting my faith and trust in God.  Wow, peace is a great place to live!

If you are in the midst of the storm I am here to tell you I have lived through it!  It has been crazy and I have been crazy right along with it.  But the more I have journeyed the more I have learned that the SUN really is shinging even if there is a temporary storm upon me.  That perspective helps me to make better choices and live in joy and peace even in the storm!

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