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There comes a time when you realize how much your life has become such a wonderful thing, but very different than you ever imagined it ever would.  When I was in high school I was going to graduate, go to college, become a high powered business woman, marry some rich good looking guy, have 2 kids and call it life.  I would NEVER drive a mini van or be a stay at home mom!  My how things have turned out a bit differently….

I have did go to college and got a degree in education, elementary.  I met an amazing man (yes he was a rich single man when I met him and very good looking- still is) we now have five kids, I ended up staying home and driving a mini van!  And loving every moment of it (for the most part)!

The funny thing is that “never, say never” thing!  My husband and I have always wanted out house to be the “hang out” place for our kids and their friends!  We have found as our family has grown it has gotten trickier to keep this vision alive when we can’t even fit everyones friends in the car with us.  So, we are now on the search for a van, but not a mini van (ours died) but a 15 passenger van!  Yes, the Schulte’s are going to invest in a “party” van in which we can cart kids and their friends all over as well as travel comfortably on road trips.  The dream to become the “hang out” place is going to move a head full force!

I now find my self excited for this new season of life!  A friend once said to me:   “I looked at my life, 4 generations living together, diapering grandpa and the baby, teenagers running around, and saying to myself, ‘this is my new normal’.”  That resinated with me, and still does. There have been so many time in our crazy journey where I felt like I was loosing my mind, when I should have just adjusted my mind set to, “This is my new normal”.  Our “normals”  all look differently, they shift from season to season in our lives, and they are all good, if we look at them as opportunity instead of a death sentence!  Victory is ours if we just keep pressing in!  Take a look at your life, what is you “normal”?  Learn to live in that “normal” and choose joy, enjoying the ride!



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