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Veggie Cheese Omlette
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Quiona Asia Breakfast
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Turkey Sausage Hash
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This recipe is just for Mike, he is our kids piano teacher and our...
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We will not be meeting this Thursday evening.  However, get ready for Feb. when we...
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These are great for dinner or a party!  We had them for New Years Eve this year!
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I have decided I am going to do a year of whole foods:  meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, coconut flour, healthy fats:  coconut oil/flax/olive, almond...
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This week we had a few days off due to the subzero weather. I also had to get creative as I did not want...
Gluten Free Thyme Roast

I just have to share this Thyme Crusted Roast recipe that I found on  It is amazing!  With the new year beginning I...

'Tis the season of yummy cookies and to tell you the truth the last few years the cookies have been far from...

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